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on November 13, 2019 - 11:51am

From bedroom producer to main stage stunner, WHIPPED CREAM is living proof that everything happens for a reason. A woman of many talents, Caroline Cecil carved a name for herself as a competitive figure skater before a fateful accident changed the course of her career. Faced with a decision to continue on her path, or leave it all behind, a fortuitous visit to a music festival brought a new passion into focus… and ears around the world are better for it.
Years later, WHIPPED CREAM has emerged as one of dance music’s true mavericks, renowned for her experimental approach to production, love for hip-hop and a flair for fashion. Toronto-bred and Vancouver Island raised, the jet-setting artist has shaped a sonic blueprint all her own, inspired by the lush sounds of heavy bass, hip-hop, punk, film and every tantalizing tone in between.

On the ice she unearthed a talent for expressing herself through music, and now she takes that honed ferocity straight to the decks. WHIPPED CREAM’s mission is to produce impactful grooves, or in her words, “music that can be felt by anyone”. Through these “limitless” productions she seeks to decimate boundaries with a genre-defying style that’s equal parts expansive, cinematic, urban, thunderous and painstakingly beautiful.
WHIPPED CREAM’s breakout year came in 2019, when she slayed crowds at milestone festivals like Ultra, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo. Last year also brought a bevy of career defining tracks, among them “You Wanted It”, a dark, mid-tempo cut that packs a fearless electro punch, and “LUV”, a discordant symphony that put champions like Porter Robinson in her corner. “Told Ya” featuring American Rapper Lil Xan was another win, amassing millions of streams across SoundCloud and Spotify to date.
Since then, both WHIPPED CREAM’s reputation as a passionate performer and her knack for versatility have only grown stronger. In February she unleashed “So Thick” on the official Birds of Prey Soundtrack, a sexy, minimal melter featuring alternative pop star, Baby Goth. Landing this film score was a triumph for Cecil, who has long dreamed of bringing her beats to the big screen, and will continue to infuse her music into movies going forward. Next, the cunning producer returned to her roots in the mosh-pit inducing “Dumb Shit” for which she tapped the voice of innovative hip-hop/screamo powerhouse, Jasiah, before starring in the seductive music video for her spring 2020 hit, “I Do The Most” featuring Lil Keed. This “short film-style” depiction is a nod to WHIPPED CREAM’s belief in the power visuals and their ability to turn an already hot release into a dynamic and complete work of art.

Add those exciting developments to the new projects Cecil’s been cooking up in her Vancouver Island studio during the COVID-19 quarantine, and it’s obvious she won’t be slowing down. Cecil will drop her highly-anticipated debut EP via Big Beat Records later this summer. Titled "WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM?", this multifaceted release will answer that very question, one that many fans have had since she first arrived in the scene. This project will reveal who WHIPPED CREAM is, not only as a human but also as an innovator who continues to blend genres and tell a sensory story through her music.

With a headlining tour and high-profile festival appearances at this fall’s rescheduled Coachella still on deck, she will continue to solidify herself as an unstoppable force in music. And so will listeners around the globe come to know a fearless creator who found pleasure in her pain, who through an unexpected end forged a new beginning, and who transformed an ugly fall into the world’s most beautiful come up.

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