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Hercules & Love Affair

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on March 10, 2015 - 4:10pm

Hercules & Love Affair is a unique group in the spectrum of dance music. Conceived and led by Denver DJ and producer Andy Butler, they are front runners in live house music and have been responsible for a number of seminal records including 2008’s ‘Blind’ (accompanied by a phenomenal remix from the late Frankie Knuckles) and 2011’s ‘My House’. The collaborative rotating door of personalities that makes up Hercules and Love Affair has always been a broad church. This aesthetic coupled with substantial tales of emotional triumph makes for something that does not happen in dance music very much anymore. Put actual songwriting into the mix, and you have the goal of Hercules 3.0: meaningful house music that IS pop music and can speak to the most musically adept of tastes.

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Hercules And Love Affair
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