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on April 21, 2017 - 11:47am

Born Benjy Keating, Palmistry is among today’s most creative and compelling new artists, crafting an idiosyncratic pop sound all his own. A gifted vocalist, producer, songwriter, mixer, and performer, the South London-based Keating offers a truly unique musical perspective where melancholy and euphoria share equal space, a holistic hybrid approach that re-imagines sonic flavors of dancehall, R&B, soca, pop, and experimental electronica. “PAGAN” showcases Palmistry’s span of influence and experience, its remarkably universal outlook given even greater breadth and life via Keating’s poetic introspection and polyrhythmic arrangements. Tracks like “Club Aso” reveal a visionary minimalism and gift for heartbroken lyricism, their potent emotional power and inspired production affirming Palmistry as a master purveyor of contemporary global pop.

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